To use the Drebbl thermoilot, you need one of the following thermostats: 

  • ThermoSmart, or
  • Eneco Toon thermostat (and a Toon subscription, which allows you to control your Toon from a distance).

Do you already own such a thermostat? Then you can try out the thermopilot from Drebbl in three easy steps:

(1) Register yourself via, and follow the instructions there, to 

(2) access your thermostat from Drebbl, and subsequently

(3) install the Drebbl app on your smartphone by clicking (on your smartphone) on the personal installation link that you receive via e-mail after Drebbl could successfully access your thermostat in step 2. 

If you do not have a compatible thermostat yet, you can order them via one of the links below: 

You can also look around on Marktplaats; the thermopilot of Drebbl also works successfully with second-hand thermostats, our customers found.

Attention: if you use a secondhand Toon thermostat, you will have to order a new Toon subscription in your own name, after you have obtained the thermostat and before you can access the Toon from Drebbl (step 2, above). Ordering a Toon subscription for a secondhand Toon can only be done via phone via the Toon customer service (tel. 088 - 895 59 59: available on work days from 8-20h); clearly state that you bought a secondhand Toon from someone else and that you want a TOon subscription in your own name to be able to control your Toon from a distance. In The Netherlands, the Toon subscription is always handled via Eneco, even if you do not have an energy contract with Eneco. Allow for several working days for the entire process of getting a Toon subscription for a secondhand Toon.